Friday, October 17, 2008

Lindholm Party of Four

Welcome (we'll call her Belle), our newest family member. I cannot believe she is here, it seems just yesterday I was looking at a positive pregnancy test - yet at the same time, I cannot remember life without her. We welcomed her on in September. Before she came, I couldn't imagine I could love anyone like I love Cinderella, and now, I love her as much as I love Cinderella. It's really amazing. You meet a man, become friends, find out he's your soul mate, and get married. You cannot imagine life without him, and wonder how you can love someone so much! Then out of that love comes a child, your first child... apple of your eye, and you look at her, and think, "I only thought I knew what love was" she is perfect, and everything she does is amazing, and you are truly fulfilled. Then as she starts to grow, that yearning comes back, you want another "little" baby, you need to grow your family. Then bam! another bundle is on the way, and you wonder how you can love her like the first. Then comes the day she enters this world, and your heart has done it again, it has grown in love once more. Grown enough to embrace this new miracle with as much joy and amazement as the first. God is amazing. How much more does He love us, if he can give us the capacity to love like this. It's a blessing! I am Blessed!