Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It's 2012. Actually, at the time I write this post, it is 12:11. You are thinking... what a dork, it is midnight and she sits down at her computer to write. Well, yes. There are actually many many things going through my head right now. One is kind of like a year in review of different memories from this past year flashing through my mind. Another is what many of my friends are doing tonight. It runs the gamet from those celebrating with a new baby, to those beginning this new year after losing their spouse in 2011. My heart rejoices and aches all at the same time. How can that be? So many emotions at once.
I do realize how blessed I am. And look with anticipation to 2112. I plan in the next few days to do a "mental inventory" of my goals and mission statement from 2011. And I plan to form, with the help of my entire family, a new mission statement for 2012.
I have a list of things I want to write about, and I really want to write more. I feel good getting my thoughts, accomplishments, ideas, even failures out.
With that being said. "Happy New Year!" May God reveal himself to you in a new and exciting way this year!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Where have you seen God?

There is this thing - called an Emmaus Walk. It is an intensive weekend that you experience in which you "encounter Jesus" as did the men on the walk to Emmaus. It is entirely designed to teach you more about God's love. It is a great experience. Anyway - after your "walk" you are encouraged to join an accountability group. They even give you cards to help in your groups discussions. The first question on the card is "Where have you seen God this week?"
That question has really gotten me thinking. Where have I seen God in the past couple of weeks. I will share some of those with you. (I am getting my niche in this blogging thing - I think I like lists)
1. I saw God in the hundreds of volunteers that came out to serve in the weeks following the rounds of tornados that swept across our part of the country.
2. I saw God in my good friend who asked "Where are all the Mexicans?" It sounds funny and very off color, I know, but she was sincere. In many of the apartments that were destroyed she knew that there were many people from Mexico living in them illegally. She was truly concerned about their health and well being knowing they wouldn't go to FEMA for help, nor any other agency.
3. I saw God in my church family as they rallied around a family in our church that lost their six month old baby.
4. I saw God in my niece as she came to visit me recently and smiled and laughed and lit up the room with her beautiful blue eyes.

5. I saw God in the love I felt for my 5 year old as I watch with tear filled eyes as she danced her little heart out on the stage at her ballet performance.

6. I saw God in the Children's Hospital when I went for a visit there the other day. First in with the father of a boy who is my daughter's age. His twin sister is a friend and was in preschool with my Cinderella. Her brother however, is a special needs child and has always had to fight for everything! And once again he is fighting. But winning - he went home from the hospital today. The second stop was with a family that just delivered their first baby, a boy with spinal bifid a. You can a read more about his story here.
7. I saw God in my daughter when she asked me "If God promised to never flood the earth again, why would he send the Tornados"
8. I felt God when I explained to Cinderella that he didn't send the Tornados, but he allowed them, because He is wise and can work through all things.
9. I saw God in the miracles that we take as hardships, like when my husband tells me he has an unrealistic deadline at work and he'll be tied up for a few weeks. I was heartbroken, but then realized it was only a couple of years ago, we prayed he would hold on to his job because the economy was so unsteady - now he has more work than he can handle.
10. LASTLY - I saw God in the face of my baby girl tonight when she sat in my lap and I smelled the coconut scent of her shampoo, and felt the rapid of her heart and watched her rub her little "softie" that she loves so much. Feeling safe and secure in her mother's arms.

May we all feel that safe and secure in our Father's arms.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

May Days

(This is actually an easter picture, but the shades make it summery don't you think?)
I love the month of May. The anticipation of summer is so exciting. The days warm up (sometimes, more than I want), seniors graduate, you begin to hear the sounds of kid running around outside. It feels so alive. Even though I work full time, it feels like things slow down in the summer. Although, lately we haven't slowed a bit. I am really struggling with this, but I realized this weekend, that my struggles are my own fault. So I have come up with a list of things I am doing to slow down. I want this summer to be fun! I don't want to merely survive it. This thinking process is a direct result of my new years blog in which we formed a family mission statement. Anyway, our mission was to create peace. And I feel we have not really done that great of a job. So back to the reason for this post... my list. Here goes -
1. I am getting a cleaning lady. Yes you heard me right. I am doing it. There is no shame in it, I cannot do everything, and I resent cleaning because I feel it pull me away from my family. So, if I intend to slow down this summer, I am going to get a cleaning lady.
2. I am getting out of some commitments I have previously made. Whether it is at church, with our extended family, with friends, whatever the case may be, I am learning the magic word "no" - I have been trying to learn that word for years. Obviously, still trying.
3. I am being selfish - just a little. I am committing to my daily time with the Lord and to a daily time of exercise. Just for me. How are we going to slow down If I am wound up so tight, it's as thought I might pop at any minute.
4. I am going to try to stop saying "Just a minute" when my girls call for me. Usually I am doing laundry, talking on the phone, cooking dinner, whatever. But what does it say to them when they say "Mommy, You are never going to believe this..." and I reply "Just a minute, I am finishing this load of clothes"
Note for my mom: I still plan to enforce the importance of waiting til I get off the phone for them to tell me something, and getting them to understand the importance of not screaming my name at the top of their lungs when they know I have gone to the bathroom! But I am working on the whole balance thing.
5. Boundaries - I feel this is the most important. I plan to implement healthy boundaries with all things in my life. My work, my relationships, my extracurricular activities - you get my drift. It is really true, that life is about balance, so I will be walking that tight rope, balancing away!
Keep you posted on the progress.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

As promised...only later than expected. Pictures of the wedding.
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stormy weather

For those of you who may not know,our little family just endured the worst storm I have seen in years. We weathered it under our house. Literally under it. We have a garage, that is under our home, but we have all seen the YouTube videos where the wind just sucks the doors off. so we literally went into the crawl space of our home. My prince was convinced that was the only place for us to be safe, and I do what he says. I was never scared, and never heard the storm, but believe me, we felt the effects. We lost power for a while btw 24 & 36 hrs. And saw the damage. The town just south of us, and by just south, I mean 2 miles is destroyed. One of my favorite restaurants, gone. CRAZY! Many people lost their life, and many have seen theirs forever changed. As, many of you know, I work at my church. Our pastor of visitation lost his home. GONE. Just like that. A gas main busted and we left our neighborhood because the smell was so strong. It was wild. We literally have someone's mortgage papers from Tuscaloosa in our yard. at the same time that I am in awe of a storm that has that kind of power, I am in awe of a God that is with you in the best and the worst. He is working in Gardendale, Al. He is in Tuscaloosa Fultondale, Pleasant Grove, Cullman, and every where those storms blazed a path yesterday. It reminds me of the song "I will praise you in the storm...and I will lift my hands, for you are who you are, no matter who I am..." I praise God that he is who he is, and he is for me, for those who lost businesses, family members, homes, and those just watching on tv. We are blessed to be his children.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My five year old's mouth is going to get me beat up!

To say Cinderella has the mouth of a 30 year old is an understatement. Anyone that knows her knows that, but two recent cases have me reeling and quite honestly afraid to go into public with my girl. The first was Monday afternoon when we were out for a family walk. An elderly couple rounded the corner to come down our street and my Cinderella literally yells "hey old lady". I, of course laughed, as I always do when I am uncomfortable which is a signal for both of my girls to repeat the greeting at the top of their lungs. I had to compose myself, and call them down. My husband was no help!
Then there was yesterday. I picked up Cinderella from preschool for ballet. We were waiting for the elevator(a special treat for her) when a mom walks by talking to her daughter. The mom happened to say "ain't" which cued Cinderella to say "ain't is not a word". To which I again laughed (I know that is terrible) and then had to tell her it wasn't her place to correct adults. To which she responded "well mom, what was I supposed to do?" how do you answer that one?

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lily, Flower, Butterfly, Sally, David, and Delphine

Tonight was a good night. It wasn't a busy night. We actually got home at a decent hour, played, ate dinner, bathed, got the kids in bed, and I had time to post this blog. It was wonderful. On nights like this, it is amazing how much more I enjoy my family. We actually sat down to dinner, granted calling it dinner is a stretch...canned biscuits and turkey bacon...but the point is we all sat around the table isn't it? Anyway, my little Cinderella starts naming the characters on her princess placemat. She names them : Lilly Flower, Butterfly, Sally, David, and Delphine. It's silly I know to think that is really neat that she named her placemat, but what I loved the most was that I was there when she did. I am always rushing...from one thing to the next. But tonight it was about them, and I realized that it needs to be about them all the time. It needs to be about the characters they make out of play dough, the dances the perform during dress up, the pretend games during bubble baths... and more than that, I need to be there! In mind, not just in body. Today I watched a video of kids saying what they loved about their mom. It made me think about what I wanted my kids to say about me, so I will close with that thought. I hope if asked what my children love about me, they will say
1. She loves Jesus
2. She loves and respects my daddy.
3. She loves me! I know she loves me because she is happy with me, cries with me, cheers me on, is my energy when I am tired, and really took the time to get to know me and to make sure I knew Jesus.

A tall order I know, but hey, we all have to have goals don't we?

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Monday, March 28, 2011

I purged, I'm tired, now I must blog

Well, it's official, I am cleaning out the stuff. By stuff, I mean...everything. Well it feels like everything when I am going through baby clothes, my clothes that are two sizes too small, toys - you get the picture. You could call it spring cleaning, but that isn't really what it is, it is more necessity cleaning. Bottom line, the space my stuff ( I refuse to call it junk because I would like to think that junk wouldn't still be here taking upthis valuable real estate...) is worth more to me than the stuff itself. And neither my worth, nor the worth of my girls is tied to the outfits they wore the first week of their lives. So, I can part with them. I am giving myself a bin for each girl to place my absolute favorites in then I will be able to hang on to some of the most special ones. I have added some pictures of the girls in some of the outfits I intend to put in the bin, after all - let's face it, this blog is kind of boring, so I figured pictures of my beautiful children will make up for that. Did I mention I purged the crib set? You know the cute little pottery barn bumper and quilt that I just had to have so we could have the perfect room for such a perfect baby. Yep, gone. That one hurts a little, but again, the value is in the kids, not the stuff. I have a very wise friend that is "coaching" me on my purge. She says that if I gave her one day we could get my whole house done. I beg to differ, I worked for several hours tonight, pausing of course to paint the fingernails and toenails of my princesses, and I still only did Belle's room. What is the deal? Where did the stuff come from? Who is the closet monkey that sneaks out, and pulls random things into my baby's closet. I know it couldn't be me. I would never shove things in a place where they didn't belong. A place for everything and everything in it's place. That's my motto. ( I will wait while you catch your breath from the hysteria that overtook you with my last quote) Anyone who knows me knows I am messy, scattered, and slightly disorganized. But some think it's "Cozy" Well, my coziness has gotten to us all. We have some major purging to do. We have some major regrouping to do. Alas, Rome wasn't built in a day, this is a work in progress. I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Follower

I just sat down after a very long day, it is 10:00 p.m. and I am just starting to think about what I need to do before bed, ie: laundry, load the dishwasher, bleach something (I will get more into that later). Anyway, I signed on to my blog because my mind is racing and I felt the need to write something to settle me down. As I began to start a new post, something caught my attention. To the right, up in the corner, in blue is written, one follower. I am pausing for you to laugh, or to say "I am not surprised" or maybe "She has one follower?"

Yes I have one, my prince. My sweet, dedicated, loyal, loving, compassionate husband. My lone follower. It struck me this time, (although I see that everytime I log on) the signifigance of him being my one follower. That is him, my support, he is with me through it all. If I get a whim and think we should make a change, or if I get sad, happy, overwhelmed - whatever, he is there. Holding my hand, loving me, smiling at me, just being whatever I need at that moment.

It has been that way for nearly 15 years. He has been by my side. His support and love amaze me. His loyalty and dedication to our family have shown me a side of him that I could have never known existed until we had our children. The way he can do manly things like push ups, or hammer something, then come in doctor a booboo on our baby's knee all while singing her "You are my sunshine" is wonderful to be a part of. I need to pause, because I just read back over this and I feel like I have just accepted the academy award for "best actress" and I am thanking my husband. But all of this is true. He is amazing. He works full time, takes work on the side, and goes to graduate school all to better himself and our family. He knows the value of hard work, yet balances that with the importance of our family time. Can you tell I love him?

The "one follower" is also ironic because he's not a follower. He sets his own path, makes his own way, and leads our family in the best way possible. It is wonderful to know the decisions he makes for us come with prayer, evaluation, and a coin toss...kidding about the coin - not the prayer and evaluation. He weighs the consequences and makes decisions based on what works for us.

Just the other day, I was telling a friend that I really caught a glimpse of Christ's love when I had my children. That unconditional, no limits, no bounds, unearned love that we read about... but that isn't entirely true. I began that understanding when I stood before God and made vows to love and respect him forever, and he made them to me. I am in this life we've made together, and never once could I imagine another life would be better. He's my one, follower, leader, best friend, lover, partner - for life.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Green with Envy Part 2

Baking Soda - It's not just for Baking
A few weeks ago I introduced you to my journey toward more natural living. I have really high ambitions, but am completely satisfied with taking baby steps toward a more earth, family, health friendly lifestyle. So today I thought I would pick a product and tell you the many things I use it for. So I started with my favorite. Baking Soda. This blog will be a multi part blog because I use baking soda for many things, but today I am sharing my house hold uses for it, I will post the health uses another day - when the "Green blogging" mood hits me. Where was I? Oh yes, home uses for baking soda. I will list - it's easier to follow.

  1. Place a teaspoon in a vase to make cut flowers last longer.

  2. Spread some on the windshield of your car to repel rain.

  3. After feeding your baby, wipe his shirt with a moist cloth sprinkled with baking soda to remove the odor.

  4. Soak dishrags in baking soda and water to remove the smell.

  5. Sprinkle along window seals and in basements to repel cockroaches and ants.

  6. Scatter it along your flower beds and gardens to keep rabbits from eating your flowers and vegetables.

  7. Sprinkle anywhere you want to absorb odor - shoes, slippers, garbage cans, diaper pails, litter boxes... you get the picture.

  8. Wash your fruits and vegetables with it.

  9. Soak 1 cup in your toilet for an hour before flushing, it will clean and deodorize your toilet bowl.

  10. Use it to scrub sinks, porcelain and plastic tubs.

  11. Sprinkle on couches, carpets, or any upholstry and let it sit an hour or overnight before vacuuming for a home made dry cleaning option.

  12. Combine with water to make a paste to polish stainless steel... I learned this from my many many many restaurant days.

  13. Scatter it on your garage floor, scrub, then rinse to cut the grease and oil spills in your garage.

  14. 1/4 cup white vinegar and 2 tbsp. baking soda and 1/4 gallon of hot water make a great all purpose cleaner for the home. A few drops of essential oil - I like lemon or orange to give that clean smell in your home.

  15. Flush 4 tbsp with hot water down your drains weekly to clean your drains.

  16. Make a thick paste of baking soda and water to scrub your enameled cast iron pots and stainless steel pots and pans clean.

  17. Make a paste to and rub into clothes to remove grease spots.

  18. Run your coffee maker with a baking soda solution to clean then rinse.

  19. Combine 3/4 cup with 1/4 cup salt and 1/4 cup water to clean your oven.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Hope

Today is Hope's birthday! Did you know that? I didn't either. Hope is my Cinderella's stuffed bear that my prince made before she was even born. The actual date she was made? I don't really know. You get a certificate at the bear store, but I don't know what we did with it, all I know was Cinderella wasn't even born, and my prince had dreams of "building a bear" that would be her favorite, then one she love more than any other toy, the one that made boo boos better, scared away the bed time monsters, and made all the aches and pains go away. (You are thinking - what are the chances that the toy the parents pick would be the baby's favorite - and you were right... for a while... then we discovered Hope.) My prince named her Hope because of all the Hopes and Dreams we had for her. (I think calling her dream would have just been weird). Anyway, he built her himself. I was pregnant, we were at the mall and he said - "I want to make Cinderella a bear." Well - he called her by her real name, but for blogging world purposes - she's Cinderella, my baby is Belle, and the hub is Prince Charming. - Where was I? Oh yes, he wanted to make Cinderella a bear, so we went in to the make your bear shop and he chose the softest bear he could find, one without eyes or buttons that might pop off - choking hazard, you know - Then we proceeded to the stuffing part - he got to do the honors, and stuffed the bear, then the man working there gave the bear a heart, and made my prince jump up and down 5 times to get it beating. I laughed til I cried. I think the man working there got a little kick out of the ritual too... ANYWAY, my prince persevered, and we got the bear made, with a heart and all sewn up. We dressed her in a simple pink t-shirt since she was for our baby girl and my prince named her "Hope." So that is how Hope came to be. Now that you know the history of Hope, the happy ending - or maybe beginning is that she is the favorite toy of Cinderella. Wherever she goes, Hope goes, and Hope is the bedtime buddy for every trip to Bebe's house, or bedtime at home. My prince is thrilled. ANYWAY. It's Hope's birthday, and according to Cinderella she is 3. Well her birthday is actually tomorrow, but Cinderella said she can stay up til midnight to celebrate so we can celebrate today. How do you celebrate a stuffed Bear's birthday, you ask? The same way you celebrate any one Else's. We ate at a favorite Mexican restaurant and then crossed the street to a bakery/ice cream shop for cupcakes. We all had dessert in honor of Hope's birthday and even sang happy birthday to her. All in all, I think Hope had a great birthday. We all enjoyed it :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Tonight was a rushed night. The day was long and the evening was hectic. I had to go to a fundraiser dinner for Just Keep Smiling a wonderful foundation for people who are in the "valley." Please take a minute and check it out. I am sure I will post about it one day. But that isn't the reason for this little blog. I left at 5:30 with a quick kiss for the hub and the kids and ran out the door. When I got in tonight, I found my husband putting the kids to bed. My big girl wanted me to pat her since "daddy got to do it last night." Now you must understand my girl. She has a mind of her own, and since she came into being, bedtime has been a MARATHON. We pat, get drinks of water, pray, read, potty, another drink of water, more patting. Then we discovered the sleep fairy. (More on her later). Anyway, I was gearing up for a marathon patting and giggling session when she busted out with an old school thing we used to do. When she was little, I used to gently run my fingers down her face from her forehead to her chin, tracing over her eyelashes, her nose, her lips, her chin. So she looks up at me and says "do this mommy" and mimics the tracing of her features. So I began the ever so gentle tracing of her perfect nose, her perfect eyes, and then it began, that slow transition from wild as a buck 5 year old girl to sweet tired angel. Her breathing got heavy, she turned her face toward her pillow, her eyes got lazy as she struggled to keep them open, and then it happened... the thing I have loved ever since God gave me this sweet baby girl, her little lips puckered and she made that ever so soft sucking sound like she used to when she took a paci. She will read this one day when she is older and be embarrassed to know at five she still made baby sounds in her sleep, but I love it. My heart is so full of love for her. The joy I got from the feel of her soft skin under my fingers as I traced her cheeks. The way her long black eyelashes felt as I ran my fingers over her eyes, the sound of that rhythmic breathing as she sank into sleep. It was so pure. That is the only word for it. Pure. So wonderful, such a representation of the awesomeness of a God that would allow us to feel a fraction of the love that He feels for us. A pure love. Times like that, I feel so close to Him, to her, to Heaven. It truly renders me speechless - Well, maybe not speechless... I came up with this, but you know what mean. It was a bedtime blessing.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I am Green with Envy over people who are Green

Yes, I admit, I have a hippie heart. I cannot help it. So from here on out I am going to start posting some of my efforts to live simpler and greener, by taking steps to live a more natural life. I am not extreme( I don't think) and to meet me, you wouldn't think oooohhh "that girl is too much" I don't wear Birkenstocks ( mainly because I am really cheap - although I don't scrimp on shoes - but that is another post). Anyway, I do shave my legs etc, I don't drive a Prius, and although I really do love the Greateful Dead, I also branch out into other music. (However, I am a fan for Bela Fleck and the Flecktones). So where was I? Oh yes, my green efforts. Ok so I am naming the posts that will have to do with my green journey "Green with Envy" and I will take you on a journey with me as I attempt to achieve a new level of green :) Just call me the Grinch, or Kermit, or well heck, call me a hippie, I don't care.
Today I am starting simple. We don't use paper plates. There, I said it. We don't use paper plates (said it again). It is a commitment we made a few years ago when our church was doing a sermon series entitled "Managing Life" there was a sermon entitled "Managing Creation." From that point on my prince and I made a commitment to stop using paper plates. We have always eaten dinner on real plates but there were times when paper comes in quite handy. Like with little ones, and picnic in the back yard, Saturday morning muffins, stuff like that. Even though they come in extremely handy, we decided to "just say no" to paper. And you know what? We survived. We are still paper plate free, and loving it. I am proud of that commitment. It is a small step, but as you will see it lead to bigger things, and for that I am proud of that small accomplishment!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

One Exclamation Point Please

This post will be short. I do not understand the use of multiple exclamation points. Did you not take elementary school grammar? An exclamation point shows excitement. If you use ten, what does that mean? You are doing back flips? It doesn't scream excitement to me, it screams " I am an goober who has to rely on punctuation, not the use of my vocabulary to express myself!!!" (like that touch with the 3 !) Anyway, think about it. There is something to be said about simplicity. One and done. That is my motto!

Weekend Wanderings

I have named this post "weekend wanderings" because really, that is what I am good at. For example, right now, I am watching the super bowl. Go Packers. Not that I really care, that much but Rothlisberger (the stealers qb) has a history of womanizing, so I am not a fan of him, therefore - I am pulling for the packers. Don't you love my logic? I will pause while you gather yourself. ANYWAY - I am watching the Superbowl, blogging, and thinking about the week ahead. Killer week, my prince has a birthday - meaning his mom and dad will be coming into town, meaning meal planning, house cleaning, etc. Then there is Valentines day. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike Valentine's day? I do. Not becuase I lived decades of my life lonely, and never had a valentine, not because I had a traumatic break up on valentines, but because, to get through college I waited tables at an Italian Restaurant. Have you ever heard of anyone who thought - hey, how about a nice romantic italian dinner for Valentines Day... original huh. Therefore my strong dislike of Valentines. I have to interrupt this thought to go back to the Packers. They just won the superbowl and interviewed Greg Jennings. He was the bomb. Very elopuently spoken and gave God the Glory. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. Not that you did. Ok so back to Valentines Day. I have been sucked back in with my kids. Parties, Valentines, little gifts of love waiting for them when they wake up. So I am in, and have embraced my new found Valentine's Day participation. I will be blogging about the creative cards, and crafts we did and are doing later this week. But for now, I was talking about...what was I talking about? Oh yes, I was planning my week. It is going to be a wild one. We have the party planning, then we have Valentines planning, and on top of that I am catering a 90th Birthday party on Saturday. The day of the hubs birthday. That didn't go over so well but I got him a Snapper Lawn Mower for his birthday, so I was quickly forgiven! I know how to play my card. WEll I have wasted enough of your time for now. Stay tuned for the crafty valentines cards, neat valentine's gifts for the girls friends, and some recipes I will post from my upcoming catering job as well as the birthday party meal for my prince. Hope your week is eventful! Mine will be enough for all of us.

Remember Tuesday tune into Kids Revolution Blog for Chapter 1 of Robert Wolgemuth's The Most Important Place on Earth.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are You on a Mission?

This year, my family is on a mission. A mission to create peace. We have to, it is our mission statement. Do you have one? Well, get one. They are awesome. At first I doubted, The hubs and I really aren't great at the follow through of these big ideas I get. I say "I" because truly I am the one who thinks up these things, and my dear sweet husband goes along with them, whether he wants to or not. ANYWAY, this one, he got on board with. We got the idea from a blog I read. We began formulating a vision for what we want our family to be about. We honestly came up with one word Peace . Out of that came a long, long list of character traits we wanted to instill in our children, then ideas of what our family would look like, and a list of values. What we ended up with was nearly a page of ideals that honestly, we couldn't even remember, much less find a way to incorporate into our daily lives. After the grand presentation of the finished product to my husband, he sat - dazed, eyes half crossed, and said..."I think we should cut it down a bit" He was being kind.
But we did do some "cutting and refining" and came up with this:

Our mission is to create peace by growing in our relationship with our Heavenly Father, being good stewards of our time,our money, our health and our earth and to practice loving, listening,forgiving, and laughing.

It's still a work in progress. A daily work in progress. It will evolve as our family dynamic changes, but the heart of it will always stay the same. We've all seen that cliche "No Christ No Peace, Know Christ Know Peace" - that's the goal, and so far it has served as a guide as we choose commitments, and as we make decisions about how to spend our family time.

There will be more on this journey along with pointers on how to develop your own mission statement. I am learning, and maybe I can share what I learn with you.

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