Monday, January 28, 2013

The Letter C - Introduction - sort of

Today was a busy day!  I had to work the book fair at my big girl's school this morning.  So my baby went to the home of the beloved Ms. Kathy and Mr. Jackie.  She played all morning while I worked at the school.  When I picked her up at noon, it turns out Ms. Kathy's friends were about to play a game of cards and were short a person.  I joined in and we had a wonderful afternoon of cards!  It was a nice surprise, but put a kink in the school day I had planned with my baby.  We ended up doing a quick introduction to the letter C after we got home.  Basically we did a tracing and coloring exercise.  And then threw in a letter C scavenger hunt.  It was a success!  As you can see from the picture above we got creative with the letter c.  She found a dinosaur that Chomped, a pony that my baby had named Cotton Candy, and a bandanna that Covered her basket.  The rules were flexible - just like the days.  That is what makes it fun.  I even have time to do some light cleaning and cooking before the hubs arrives home.  YAY! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Saturday

Today's blog was going to be about a couple of projects I had planned to knock out this weekend. I was going to take pictures of my handy husband installing quarter round in our den. Me sewing a curtain for our bathroom-

not out of this fabric. But instead, I got up- with a ginormous headache due to a complete lack of sleep( my big girl slept with me and literally thrashed all night!) . Made pancakes for my family, garlic chicken Alfredo for a friend's birthday party and then noticed that the rosy cheeks from my tired thrasher never faded. I touched her forehead and ... You guessed it- fever!
Time to regroup- so E took my baby to soccer registration. I took my big girl to the dr.

After a sub sandwich for lunch we all came home and crashed. Wanna know the kicker? It was awesome! Saturday afternoon naps are second only to Sunday afternoon naps! So enjoy your Saturday! Take time for a nap!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

My life as a stay at home wife

Today I tied on my apron, put on my pearls and did some Donna Reed style cleaning! I tackled my baseboards in our bedroom, threw the curtains in the dryer to "fluff" and cleaned our ceiling fan! It only took about 30min. It's amazing how we build things up to be too big to tackle but when we tackle them- it feels so good!

These are my before baseboards- that grey is a layer of dust-yuck!

Clean as a whistle!

Looking good :)
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Casserole of the Week - Beef Enchiladas

Every Thursday, I make a casserole.  I email it to my friends  - they decide if it appeals to them - if it does, they email me back and I make them one too!  Helps them, helps me! Anyway, I thought I would start sharing my recipes with you!  After all, why hold on to something yummy when you can share! 
Here Goes:
1 lb ground beef
2 cups of rice - cooked in taco seasoning (I just use the packets or my homemade recipe found here.)
2 1/2 cups of Enchilada Sauce
4 cups Shredded Cheddar Cheese
8 Flour Tortillas (10")

Keep in mind, I'm making mine "to go" but the recipe makes 8.

Brown beef and drain.
Cook rice in taco seasoning
Assemble, top with enchilada sauce and cheese.
Not rocket science - but oh so yummy!
Bake at 350 for about 30 min til hot through.                             Enjoy!

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years learning project

Today we did an art project old school style. And you know what? It was a success! Supplies needed:
3 colors of construction paper
Glue ( we used a glue stick because my big girl had used all the Elmer's making a cardboard gingerbread house- long story- and it worked great!)

I cut the construction paper into four pieces. In hind sight my little one could have done this too, but you know- live and learn!

I told her the letters to write ( and helped her when needed) then she traced them with glue, added glitter and viola.

We used three colors and repeated them in an abc pattern. Each time I asked her which color came next. We stapled the finished letters to some scrap ribbon left over from Christmas. And hung the banner in our playroom.

Yes- she is in an ariel night gown.  But for those of you who know this girl - are you surprised? 

Some other activities I am going to use this banner for are:
1. Counting: letters in each word, total letters, and specific letters - like ( how many a's do you see?)
2. Letter recognition: using a pointer I will call the name of the letter and she can point to it.
Them I will point to the letter and she will name it.
This activity was simple but packed with learning! And even better- she loved it!

Some tips with glitter:
I spread a sheet out on our playroom floor and let her glitter on a cookie sheet. That made clean up a breeze!

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