Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The "eyes" have it

Some days I barely survive! Today was that kind of day. Work was really good, then off to what should have been a really great afternoon, but I let things get in the way of that. LONG story short, I came home fit to be tied. My poor prince caught the brundt of that (as usual). We did some chores, got the girls to bed, and my prince with them, and now I am sitting alone in my quiet house, really loving every minute of it. Kind of reminiscing about when it was always this quiet and I am scrolling through pictures on the computer, looking at my life caught on these images, and I see this one. My newest princess, and the eyes catch me! I am done reminicing about quiet, and simple, and clean, and organized, and I am reveling in messy, loud, disorganized, and full of life. How could you look at that face and want anything else? I will save neat, and calm for retirement. Right now give me loud, messy, and LOVED!