Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why Am I Here

I am a United Methodist. I actually never thought of myself as that until recently when I walked in to the church we attend and realized it's my church. My daughter was baptized there, prince charming and I have made our dearest friends there, and I actually work there. It is ours. Well actually it's God's - but He led us to it and gave us a place to belong. As a part of my church, I attended the Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church this weekend. Most of it is one big Business meeting, but there were bits and pieces of it that really spoke to me. There were those who were ordained into the ministry that were younger than me this weekend. Imagine being that focused and sure of your path in life that you commit before God to serve Him daily - as a career. Did you hear what I just said? Should you have to be ordained into the ministry to do that? NO is the answer. All Christians are called to be ministers, I should be that way - Committed to serve Him daily for the rest of my life. That commitment or lack of it on my behalf really got me thinking. What mark am I making on this world? Or as my pastor would say "How am I building the Kingdom?" I honestly don't know. I heard testimony from some who went to Panama to build dorms for children to attend a camp. Some who have been to Zimbabwe, and many who serve right in our home town. I asked myself - where am I serving. What am I doing of value? You are asking - Why are you posting this?- I am posting it as a type of confession/accountability. I am going to change this path I am on. I am going to build up His Kingdom aside from my normal commitments, I am going to let God use me and see what happens. I am going to participate in our next local mission project at my church. That is my first step. Stay tuned for how that turns out. I know that raising a family immersed in the Word and doing my job to the best of my ability are both "Kingdom Building" but I think God has more for me and just now at my age, I am open to it. I will let you know how that goes.

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