Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Prince is the Bomb

So, most of my posts are kind of sweet, a little sappy. And if you look at the blogs I follow, they are about home, parents, gardens, all the things I want to be. A really organized home maker, an avid gardener - that is environmentally conscious, and a wonderful parent. But what I am is LUCKY! Go to the blog "Chronicles of Watson Way" to see my prince... he is a hottie, and let me tell you, there is more to him than just good looks. He is wonderful! We have had a rough go of it lately. The economy is really getting to us. But my prince, he wasn't rattled by it... he started making plans. Plan A plan B plan C, D, E... I laugh when he gets to plan Z but what I really feel is so thankful. Thankful to have a man who cares for his family, who wants to provide, and who always needs a goal. He puts his mind to anything and accomplishes it! He has made the best of these hard times, he suffered like many, but found many many alternatives to survive. I am so blessed to have this man in my life. He loves God, he loves his girls, and he loves me... what is that about?! How did I get him, I don't deserve him, but am sure glad I have him, and since I do, I think I will go cuddle up next to him! Later...

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