Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

My baby girl experienced a little stir that a word(s)? Anyway. She was a little bored and so we got busy with a classic craft - snowflakes made from coffee filters. These were a blast. She is 3 and still getting used to scissors, but with mama's help, they were a success.

We even took the scraps from the snowflakes and glued them on a black background to make what I affectionately call "snowflake night"

She loves glue, so obiviously, it was a smashing success.

Then of course, big sister - not to be out-done had to try her hand at them.

Tomorrow I think we will string them together to make a snowflake garland - or something. As a side note - yes, both my children were in their pajamas when these pictures were taken. And it may or may not have been late morning...late afternoon? Who cares - we love our jammies at this house! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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