Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Life Now

I am not a blogger, I think that is evident by the fact that I just posted a blog written in october 1 month after my second child was born, however, I really like the idea of journaling. Here is what is going on in my life. We have two children now and that has rocked our world, however, it has made it better than I could imagine. I am loving life. Prince Charming has gotten a pretty sizeable pay cut at work, so we have gotten creative, and found blessings in that. I have started making our own baby food, which is really easy. I will post some of the favorites. I have also started making our own laundry detergent which is easy too (that idea is thanks too a very frugal and inspirational family member :) ) I can post that link too. There are just little things I find myself doing, that have really changed our lifestyle, and I promise to try to start posting them. If they help others, that would be worth all this blogging thing.

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