Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rainy Days

Lots of people get the blues on Rainy Days. And I must admit after several days in a row, I do too. But today I don't mind. My girls are sleeping, and I am avoiding the growing chore list. But that is ok. Rainy days make me lazy, I read magizines, talk to my husband, and just chill. I start day dreaming about places I want to go, or things I want to do to the house and get caught up in an undercurrent of "I wants" pulling me further and further from reality, until I find my self surfing the internet looking at new homes or wanting to knock out a wall at my house and put in a luxury master bath with a jetted tub. I continue on this wave until something like looking away from the computer to a HUGE stack of papers on the desk pulls me back to reality. Then I look from the papers over to the bulletin board that displays a penguin my daughter made that has her handprints for feet, and a picture made in Sunday School of a cross on a hill. Then... I pause... and think about what I am dreaming of... and realize... I have everything I have ever dreamed of. Yes, I really do like rainy days.

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