Monday, March 28, 2011

I purged, I'm tired, now I must blog

Well, it's official, I am cleaning out the stuff. By stuff, I mean...everything. Well it feels like everything when I am going through baby clothes, my clothes that are two sizes too small, toys - you get the picture. You could call it spring cleaning, but that isn't really what it is, it is more necessity cleaning. Bottom line, the space my stuff ( I refuse to call it junk because I would like to think that junk wouldn't still be here taking upthis valuable real estate...) is worth more to me than the stuff itself. And neither my worth, nor the worth of my girls is tied to the outfits they wore the first week of their lives. So, I can part with them. I am giving myself a bin for each girl to place my absolute favorites in then I will be able to hang on to some of the most special ones. I have added some pictures of the girls in some of the outfits I intend to put in the bin, after all - let's face it, this blog is kind of boring, so I figured pictures of my beautiful children will make up for that. Did I mention I purged the crib set? You know the cute little pottery barn bumper and quilt that I just had to have so we could have the perfect room for such a perfect baby. Yep, gone. That one hurts a little, but again, the value is in the kids, not the stuff. I have a very wise friend that is "coaching" me on my purge. She says that if I gave her one day we could get my whole house done. I beg to differ, I worked for several hours tonight, pausing of course to paint the fingernails and toenails of my princesses, and I still only did Belle's room. What is the deal? Where did the stuff come from? Who is the closet monkey that sneaks out, and pulls random things into my baby's closet. I know it couldn't be me. I would never shove things in a place where they didn't belong. A place for everything and everything in it's place. That's my motto. ( I will wait while you catch your breath from the hysteria that overtook you with my last quote) Anyone who knows me knows I am messy, scattered, and slightly disorganized. But some think it's "Cozy" Well, my coziness has gotten to us all. We have some major purging to do. We have some major regrouping to do. Alas, Rome wasn't built in a day, this is a work in progress. I will keep you posted.

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