Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lily, Flower, Butterfly, Sally, David, and Delphine

Tonight was a good night. It wasn't a busy night. We actually got home at a decent hour, played, ate dinner, bathed, got the kids in bed, and I had time to post this blog. It was wonderful. On nights like this, it is amazing how much more I enjoy my family. We actually sat down to dinner, granted calling it dinner is a stretch...canned biscuits and turkey bacon...but the point is we all sat around the table isn't it? Anyway, my little Cinderella starts naming the characters on her princess placemat. She names them : Lilly Flower, Butterfly, Sally, David, and Delphine. It's silly I know to think that is really neat that she named her placemat, but what I loved the most was that I was there when she did. I am always rushing...from one thing to the next. But tonight it was about them, and I realized that it needs to be about them all the time. It needs to be about the characters they make out of play dough, the dances the perform during dress up, the pretend games during bubble baths... and more than that, I need to be there! In mind, not just in body. Today I watched a video of kids saying what they loved about their mom. It made me think about what I wanted my kids to say about me, so I will close with that thought. I hope if asked what my children love about me, they will say
1. She loves Jesus
2. She loves and respects my daddy.
3. She loves me! I know she loves me because she is happy with me, cries with me, cheers me on, is my energy when I am tired, and really took the time to get to know me and to make sure I knew Jesus.

A tall order I know, but hey, we all have to have goals don't we?

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  1. Awesome... I know they will say those things about you! I see it daily!