Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My five year old's mouth is going to get me beat up!

To say Cinderella has the mouth of a 30 year old is an understatement. Anyone that knows her knows that, but two recent cases have me reeling and quite honestly afraid to go into public with my girl. The first was Monday afternoon when we were out for a family walk. An elderly couple rounded the corner to come down our street and my Cinderella literally yells "hey old lady". I, of course laughed, as I always do when I am uncomfortable which is a signal for both of my girls to repeat the greeting at the top of their lungs. I had to compose myself, and call them down. My husband was no help!
Then there was yesterday. I picked up Cinderella from preschool for ballet. We were waiting for the elevator(a special treat for her) when a mom walks by talking to her daughter. The mom happened to say "ain't" which cued Cinderella to say "ain't is not a word". To which I again laughed (I know that is terrible) and then had to tell her it wasn't her place to correct adults. To which she responded "well mom, what was I supposed to do?" how do you answer that one?

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