Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stormy weather

For those of you who may not know,our little family just endured the worst storm I have seen in years. We weathered it under our house. Literally under it. We have a garage, that is under our home, but we have all seen the YouTube videos where the wind just sucks the doors off. so we literally went into the crawl space of our home. My prince was convinced that was the only place for us to be safe, and I do what he says. I was never scared, and never heard the storm, but believe me, we felt the effects. We lost power for a while btw 24 & 36 hrs. And saw the damage. The town just south of us, and by just south, I mean 2 miles is destroyed. One of my favorite restaurants, gone. CRAZY! Many people lost their life, and many have seen theirs forever changed. As, many of you know, I work at my church. Our pastor of visitation lost his home. GONE. Just like that. A gas main busted and we left our neighborhood because the smell was so strong. It was wild. We literally have someone's mortgage papers from Tuscaloosa in our yard. at the same time that I am in awe of a storm that has that kind of power, I am in awe of a God that is with you in the best and the worst. He is working in Gardendale, Al. He is in Tuscaloosa Fultondale, Pleasant Grove, Cullman, and every where those storms blazed a path yesterday. It reminds me of the song "I will praise you in the storm...and I will lift my hands, for you are who you are, no matter who I am..." I praise God that he is who he is, and he is for me, for those who lost businesses, family members, homes, and those just watching on tv. We are blessed to be his children.

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