Monday, February 4, 2013

Fostering Creativity with Kids

Today I am going to share some tips on fostering creativity with your children through painting.  You may want to be prepared to take notes - as the information I am going to share will undoubtedly be invaluable.
Step 1: Be sure you have the right supplies.

Egg Crate and Q Tips - Cannot Go Wrong!

Step 2: Make sure you offer a variety of colors.
We literally own Red, Yellow, and Blue Paint - All others get mixed from those!

Step 3: Find a clean place where their art can dry and they can pick their favorites to be displayed.
Yes that is a double frame with only one picture, and peppermint soap - just keeping it real!

Step 4:  ALWAYS create a neat and serene environment to allow their creativity to bloom. 
Panorama is my favorite thing on my IPhone!

Hope you have gleaned much information and wisdom from this blog!
After all, I am here to help!

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