Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years learning project

Today we did an art project old school style. And you know what? It was a success! Supplies needed:
3 colors of construction paper
Glue ( we used a glue stick because my big girl had used all the Elmer's making a cardboard gingerbread house- long story- and it worked great!)

I cut the construction paper into four pieces. In hind sight my little one could have done this too, but you know- live and learn!

I told her the letters to write ( and helped her when needed) then she traced them with glue, added glitter and viola.

We used three colors and repeated them in an abc pattern. Each time I asked her which color came next. We stapled the finished letters to some scrap ribbon left over from Christmas. And hung the banner in our playroom.

Yes- she is in an ariel night gown.  But for those of you who know this girl - are you surprised? 

Some other activities I am going to use this banner for are:
1. Counting: letters in each word, total letters, and specific letters - like ( how many a's do you see?)
2. Letter recognition: using a pointer I will call the name of the letter and she can point to it.
Them I will point to the letter and she will name it.
This activity was simple but packed with learning! And even better- she loved it!

Some tips with glitter:
I spread a sheet out on our playroom floor and let her glitter on a cookie sheet. That made clean up a breeze!

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