Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Saturday

Today's blog was going to be about a couple of projects I had planned to knock out this weekend. I was going to take pictures of my handy husband installing quarter round in our den. Me sewing a curtain for our bathroom-

not out of this fabric. But instead, I got up- with a ginormous headache due to a complete lack of sleep( my big girl slept with me and literally thrashed all night!) . Made pancakes for my family, garlic chicken Alfredo for a friend's birthday party and then noticed that the rosy cheeks from my tired thrasher never faded. I touched her forehead and ... You guessed it- fever!
Time to regroup- so E took my baby to soccer registration. I took my big girl to the dr.

After a sub sandwich for lunch we all came home and crashed. Wanna know the kicker? It was awesome! Saturday afternoon naps are second only to Sunday afternoon naps! So enjoy your Saturday! Take time for a nap!

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