Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Hope

Today is Hope's birthday! Did you know that? I didn't either. Hope is my Cinderella's stuffed bear that my prince made before she was even born. The actual date she was made? I don't really know. You get a certificate at the bear store, but I don't know what we did with it, all I know was Cinderella wasn't even born, and my prince had dreams of "building a bear" that would be her favorite, then one she love more than any other toy, the one that made boo boos better, scared away the bed time monsters, and made all the aches and pains go away. (You are thinking - what are the chances that the toy the parents pick would be the baby's favorite - and you were right... for a while... then we discovered Hope.) My prince named her Hope because of all the Hopes and Dreams we had for her. (I think calling her dream would have just been weird). Anyway, he built her himself. I was pregnant, we were at the mall and he said - "I want to make Cinderella a bear." Well - he called her by her real name, but for blogging world purposes - she's Cinderella, my baby is Belle, and the hub is Prince Charming. - Where was I? Oh yes, he wanted to make Cinderella a bear, so we went in to the make your bear shop and he chose the softest bear he could find, one without eyes or buttons that might pop off - choking hazard, you know - Then we proceeded to the stuffing part - he got to do the honors, and stuffed the bear, then the man working there gave the bear a heart, and made my prince jump up and down 5 times to get it beating. I laughed til I cried. I think the man working there got a little kick out of the ritual too... ANYWAY, my prince persevered, and we got the bear made, with a heart and all sewn up. We dressed her in a simple pink t-shirt since she was for our baby girl and my prince named her "Hope." So that is how Hope came to be. Now that you know the history of Hope, the happy ending - or maybe beginning is that she is the favorite toy of Cinderella. Wherever she goes, Hope goes, and Hope is the bedtime buddy for every trip to Bebe's house, or bedtime at home. My prince is thrilled. ANYWAY. It's Hope's birthday, and according to Cinderella she is 3. Well her birthday is actually tomorrow, but Cinderella said she can stay up til midnight to celebrate so we can celebrate today. How do you celebrate a stuffed Bear's birthday, you ask? The same way you celebrate any one Else's. We ate at a favorite Mexican restaurant and then crossed the street to a bakery/ice cream shop for cupcakes. We all had dessert in honor of Hope's birthday and even sang happy birthday to her. All in all, I think Hope had a great birthday. We all enjoyed it :)

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