Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Wanderings

I have named this post "weekend wanderings" because really, that is what I am good at. For example, right now, I am watching the super bowl. Go Packers. Not that I really care, that much but Rothlisberger (the stealers qb) has a history of womanizing, so I am not a fan of him, therefore - I am pulling for the packers. Don't you love my logic? I will pause while you gather yourself. ANYWAY - I am watching the Superbowl, blogging, and thinking about the week ahead. Killer week, my prince has a birthday - meaning his mom and dad will be coming into town, meaning meal planning, house cleaning, etc. Then there is Valentines day. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike Valentine's day? I do. Not becuase I lived decades of my life lonely, and never had a valentine, not because I had a traumatic break up on valentines, but because, to get through college I waited tables at an Italian Restaurant. Have you ever heard of anyone who thought - hey, how about a nice romantic italian dinner for Valentines Day... original huh. Therefore my strong dislike of Valentines. I have to interrupt this thought to go back to the Packers. They just won the superbowl and interviewed Greg Jennings. He was the bomb. Very elopuently spoken and gave God the Glory. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. Not that you did. Ok so back to Valentines Day. I have been sucked back in with my kids. Parties, Valentines, little gifts of love waiting for them when they wake up. So I am in, and have embraced my new found Valentine's Day participation. I will be blogging about the creative cards, and crafts we did and are doing later this week. But for now, I was talking about...what was I talking about? Oh yes, I was planning my week. It is going to be a wild one. We have the party planning, then we have Valentines planning, and on top of that I am catering a 90th Birthday party on Saturday. The day of the hubs birthday. That didn't go over so well but I got him a Snapper Lawn Mower for his birthday, so I was quickly forgiven! I know how to play my card. WEll I have wasted enough of your time for now. Stay tuned for the crafty valentines cards, neat valentine's gifts for the girls friends, and some recipes I will post from my upcoming catering job as well as the birthday party meal for my prince. Hope your week is eventful! Mine will be enough for all of us.

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