Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby Quote

I just have to share what my baby just said.  She has been sick all week with a stomach virus.  Today is really the first day she has felt better.  Their playroom is a mess and I have promised a trip to the splash pad if they clean up.  My baby (who never listens only talks...) comes into the room and says
"Mom, God just told me I am well enough to clean the playroom"
Me:  "Good baby, go get a clip and let me get your hair out of your face and you can help sissy clean up"
Baby: "mom, I gotta ask you something" (ask means tell to her)
Me: "Ok, one thing then get that clip"
Baby:  "We have to get our bathing suits on to go to the splash pad"
Me: "Only after you do your chores, now go get that clip"
Baby: "Mom, I gotta ask you something..."
Me: "Only after you get that clip.  It's time to obey mommy."
Baby: comes back into the room with a clip in her hand...
"Mom, God told me you were mean."

Oh to be able to hear God's voice that clearly!  

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