Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hey Mama Take My Picture!

Today my baby and I had some alone time together.  My big girl had a "fancy nancy" birthday party - really cute idea if anyone is looking...
Anyway, so when daddy went to pick up my big girl and her friend from the party, we had some time to chill.  She was hilarious. She said " Hey mama, take my picture in this!"  Then she said " Send it out"   I said " ok, I will after while" thinking she meant post it here or on our family photo share site.  Then she said, "send it out now" I realized she wanted me to print it.  She said she would put it in her room. She is a hoot.  And the sweetest and baddest girl I ever knew.  I am out of pink ink right now...or whatever they call the color labeled a pinkish color.  So I told her we would print it soon!  We ended up swinging (my idea of a distraction) I was pushing her singing to her.  All of a sudden a swarm of mosquitoes attacked me.  I told her we had to get bug spray because the bugs were attacking me.  She promptly responded " my daddy protects me from the bugs he's my super hero!"
Who knew that a super hero only had to carry a bottle of bug spray.  Of course, if we are honest, I think he's the superhero because he just pulls out the Deep Woods Off and covers her.  I, on the other hand use the "Deet Free" "All-Natural" citronella lotion that smells.  So, Because I care about her chemical exposure and daddy has the "fresh" scent deet filled spray, he's the hero!  Go FIGURE!  Although at this point I have to confess that he is the one who found the Deet Free lotion spray stuff.  So maybe he's my superhero too!

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