Friday, May 4, 2012

May Days

Today was an awesome day for our family.  It started with daddy daughter date  - breakfast at Chick-fil-a.  And ended with fireworks.  In between was swimming, a carnival - a new pet goldfish, and lots of smiles.
Here are some pictures...
Ready for their date.

Fireworks...nothing like 'em

Meet Goldie - the newest member of our family - for how long? It's anybody's guess ;)

Did I mention we worked in face painting into the day?

It's amazing how time with your family can make all the cares of the world slip away.  People say "quality not quantity"  but I disagree!  It's both.  Our babies need us, and they need us more than one hour a day.  AND when they do need us, they need all of us.  Not the mindless "uh huh" or " ok baby"  while we are looking at our phone, or thinking something else.  I am guilty of it too.  It is easy to do, just tune out those random jabberings of a three year old.  My girl even reminds me "say yes mama - not  uh hmmm"  which is her way of saying "interact with me, have a conversation with me, realize that I am here, and what I have to say is important"  Then there are days like today, when our girls "lead" us and we just focus on them, their wants, their desires.  And you know what happens?  You come home with a pet goldfish from the carnival!  No, really...what happens is you learn a whole lot about those little kids of yours.  They learn a lot about you (like the swing ride at the carnival makes daddy sick)  - and we all have fun!

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