Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Playroom Makeover

About a year ago we started the process of turning our third bedroom into a playroom.  Our girls share a room, so we had this room and a decision.  Either make it a guest bedroom or a playroom.  Since we have guest maybe 10-15 days out of the year, the decision was to go with a playroom.  A room that would be used much more frequently.  When guests do come, someone gives up a bedroom and we pull out the air mattresses. It works well and our guests are all family, so they don't mind at all.
Anyway, back to the playroom.  It started with putting up some shelves, actually ones we had in the garage already.  We moved them up stairs, painted them the wall color and voila.  I put their toys in bins we already had!
 The next project was their reading nook.  I started this this winter.  We cleared out their playroom closet, I painted it the same blue as their room.  The girls even helped. We had planned to put shelving in there, but we had an old library cart that did the trick, and fit perfectly.
  I ordered a light kit and a paper lantern to hang for light and put a bathmat that was soft and fluffy on the floor - we weren't using anymore in our bathroom.  Next was the "decorating"  I found wall decals at hobby lobby and put them (sitting) eye level for the chair and we painted a moon and stars on the opposite wall from the sitting area.
Their old pottery barn chair fit snug, but they loved it!

The lantern hangs where they can still stand, and move without getting bonked in the head!

Pic. taken from the chair (yes, picture it - my big ole butt in that itty bitty chair!)

I even found glow in the dark paint, so they can get in and turn off the light and the moon and stars glow!
  It is really neat if I do say so myself - thank you to pinterest for the ideas.  I actually have a playroom board that inspired all of these ideas.
Next was the dress up area.  I purchased paper lanterns and paper globes from the party section at target.  Hung at different levels, it brings a punch of color into the room. I hung a plastic framed mirror by the dress up (purchased at Hobby Lobby) and that area was finished.
  I got some outside paper lantern string lights to put over the bookshelf just for some extra lighting - so the big light doesn't have to be on all the time (I really hate overhead lights - except in my kitchen).  The next wall is our ribbon "art line"  a perfect place to display their art.
You can see where I need to hide the toy storage in the reading nook from this pic.
(see below)
  And I moved their chalkboard in to the playroom.  It had been in our den for the longest time.  But this was really a better choice, they like it.  I used the same ribbon as the "art line" the lime green was my way of tying in some of the bins on the shelves.  The rug in the middle of the room and the curtains were pottery barn, as well as the chair in the reading nook.  Those were all left from my baby's nursery when this was her room.

I love this room.  It is fun and promotes play.  Which, after all it the goal.  It's probably time for another toy purge, but that is to come.  Also to come:
A felt board (I have all the stuff, just haven't got it done  - yet) for the lower part of the reading nook.
This is where the felt board will go - right by Aubie's head :)
This is also the best pic I got of the's soft and my baby usually ends up sitting
 there instead of the chair!

Magnetic paint for the lower half of the chalkboard wall.  (a place for all the leap frog abc's etc. )
Hooks for the dress up area.  (Just a few for the feather boas, hats, purses - you get the idea)
I want to hang some framed pictures of their art for the top of the toy shelves.
I want to hang some silly pictures of the girls.
And I am considering doing this around the door.
I need some labels for the toy bins
And I bought some fabric for a make shift curtain for above the reading nook. I still need that for toy storage since I rotate out their toys.
Those are all dreaming - Right now I am moving on - where to next?  It's anybody's guess!
Oh!  I almost forgot:  Because we "recycled" so many things, I wanted to give you a breakdown of what this make over cost!
Reading Nook:
Lighting for the Reading Nook bought here : $10.26 plus shipping.
Decals:  $10.00 for 3 at Hobby Lobby
Moon and Stars Paint:  White and "Butter" Soy Paint on Clearance for $1.00 each
Glo Paint - 3.47 but with my 40% off coupon : $2.07 (Hobby Lobby)
Dress Up Area:
Mirror  - 9.99 - 50% off - $5.00 (Hobby Lobby)
Hanging Party Lanterns and Globes: $6.99 + $3.99 = $10.98 from Target
Toy Shelves:
Out Door 10 string lights for bookshelf $9.99 - Target
But to quote mastercard...the smiles from my girls - priceless!

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