Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Day of Kindergarten!

What has happened?  My baby is graduating Kindergarten today!  I could get extremely sappy in this post, but that is to come in my "A letter to..." little series.  (by the way...May May, you're next :) ) So I will just keep this post filled with pictures and as little writing as possible.
The Celebration began last night with a dinner at Fish Market with Nena and Papa.

 We made a special snack for her to take to her friends today.  We made sugar cookies in the shape of graduation hats (by "we" I mean - Nena, Papa, The Hubs, and myself...at about 11:00 p.m. last night... and there may or may not have been multiple hair dryers involved to dry the icing ;) ) and I made little diploma roll-ups that had cream cheese and strawberry jam in them.  I tied them up with a twizzler.  It was cute and she was thrilled to be able to give them to her friends.  We found some cute graduation plates, napkins and even bubbles at Target.  So it was a special snack! We started the morning with graduation day pancakes. 

(I used the cookie cutter hat) and she ate on her Graduate plates.  I think her day got started off right.  We will post pictures of the main event tomorrow. But here are the morning pics. 

One Year ago, you graduated 4-K! Seems like yesterday! 

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