Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

Well, it happened.  AND I survived.  Although, I must say that my girl almost didn't.  She cried harder than I did.  Graduation was a wonderful program.  The children did and awesome job.  My girl said The Lord's Prayer like a champ.  I was so proud of her.  Near the end of the program they did a tribute to our Director of the school (her husband is our pastor and they will be moving in June) and my girl cried so hard. 
See, the thing with my sweet, tender-hearted, loving girl is that she gets it.  She walks into a room and measures the temperature of the mood.  There is no need to explain the importance, or ramifications of an event to her, because she gets it.  She understood that last night was her last day of Kindergarten.  That she would go to a new school next year.  That many of her close friends - friends that she has been with since 8 weeks old - would go to a different school.  She understood that Ms. Gina was leaving, that Brother Rudy was leaving.  That she was leaving... and really the CEC is all she has ever known.  It overwhelmed her, she cried, I cried, mom cried, Nena cried, MayMay cried... it was a lot of crying.  Most of it was not pretty!  But it was emotional.  However, somewhere in all the tears we did find a few smiles and captured some sweet moments.
 To my sweet Kindergarten Graduate,
Mama loves you, mama is proud of you, mama thanks God daily that he gave you a tender heart, mama will always do her best to protect that tender heart.  I love you so much baby, and I cannot wait to walk through these school years with you.  I cannot wait to hear your stories, help with your fears, cheer with your accomplishments, and cry with you when you realize that your world is changing.  But realize this too - Mama is here.  And as long as God will allow me, I will be here for it all!  I love you!
 Here are the Pics of our Big Night:

Getting Ready for the Big Night

Big Sis, Little Sis

Rockin the Lord's Prayer

Getting her Diploma

Sweet Friends (Notice the puffy eyes.  This was post crying)

We love Ms. B.

With The Grands

Silly MayMay

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  1. Congratulations Sweet baby, Uncle Billy and Aunt Lynn are so very proud of you. We luv U