Wednesday, May 9, 2012

R.I.P. Goldie

Goldie's Grave
That's right. Goldie passed away Monday. Go ahead, scroll back to the previous post, we only got her Friday. It's really an interesting story, see, I was cleaning out Goldie's temporary home, our ice bucket, so I placed her in a Corning ware dish. Things were going swimmingly...pun intended. I was on the phone with my mom when my big girl heads into the kitchen. All of a sudden she runs back out and says, " mom Goldie jumped out of her bowl"
This is the conversation that follows:
Me: "mom, I'll call you back, Goldie jumped out of her bowl"
My Girl: " I almost stepped on her, her tail was flapping my foot"
I put her back in while we all closely observed her. She started swimming, but kind of one-sided. It really was kind of sad. My big girl's theory was that she broke her hip. Then, the swimming slowed...and eventually stopped. It was at that moment that my baby pronounced her dead.
" Well, Goldie's dead"
Time of death: 4:20 p.m. Monday, May 7, 2012.
At the announcement of the death, came the standard questions, is she in heaven? Can we bury her? You get the idea. At first my big girl didn't seem too upset, see, I had already started to prepare her for Goldie's passing...I told her that Goldie looked kind of old and we would enjoy her while we could.
However, after some time had passed, the sadness settled in and tears followed. I told her we would bury him when daddy got home, and gave her a plant marker to make a headstone.
My baby decided to help by promising I would get her another fish! Of course I agreed, have you ever seen my girl's big brown eyes?
My Tender Hearted Girl holding the "coffin"
I found a little box, put Goldie in it. Put it in a sandwich bag and put her in the fridge -you know, kind of like a mortuary, right? Then my baby notices an orange piece of trash on the floor. She says " mama, look, I bet that was Goldie's fing" fing is thing- she cannot say her th sounds. And the motion she is making is a one armed funky chicken signaling that she thought the orange trash was one of Goldie's fins! So hard to keep a straight face!
Anyway came the hardest phone call

Me: hey, got a sec?
Hubs: yeah, what's up?
Me: I was cleaning Goldie's bucket and put her in a baking dish, I got caught up on the phone with mom, and heard Ella say she jumped out of the bowl...long story short- Goldie's dead.
Hubs: silence...
Me: hello?
Hubs: laughter so deep it's the silent laugh and all I am hearing are random squeaks.
Me: it's not that funny! Get it together, you cannot come home laughing like this. Our girl is heartbroken.
Hubs: 2 days, Jenn, the fish lasted two days!
We had another conversation on his way home, and he had regained his composure
BUT all was lost when he walked in the door and my baby says
" daddy,daddy, Goldie is so dead!"
After tears, many from my hubby and myself-from laughter, that is; we proceeded with the funeral. It was pouring outside- quite appropriate. We buried her, my sweet girl  said a few words. I prayed- at least tried to. Then we went inside for dinner. It was an eventful day, and one I am not looking to repeat anytime soon!

Rainy Day Attire is so pretty to me.
I love the way the colors are bright against a grey day.

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