Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dance Recital

May is a crazy month!  It just is.  It happens every year.  But this year we have thrown a family wedding in the mix.  So it has been extra busy.  BUT... The wedding will be awesome!  We are seeing a TON of my husband's family and my girls are flower girls (they are pumped!), not to mention we LOVE the bride (my hubs cousin) and groom... so it will be a wonderful experience.
In addition to this wedding, we had mother's day, dance recital, my daughter's spring church choir performance, end of the soccer season, and KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION! (gulp).  So, like I said, May is busy.
The point of focus today is the dance recital that was last weekend.  We had a blast.  My oldest girl was just beautiful.
  She loves dance and loves her teachers (I love Ms. Danielle too!) It is an all around wonderful experience for her.  And next year she starts tap, so she couldn't be more excited!  She did a great job at her recital.

  The whole day was fun!  My parents and sister came in town and spent the day with us so we had a great visit.  Her other grands came in town for the big day and we all went to her favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate afterwards.

  It was a special day and my girl felt so loved.  My baby cannot wait til it is her turn to dance too!  She looked in awe at all the "ballerinas"  she was mesmorized except for the moment when she decided to spit her gum down the front of my sister's dress.
pause for you to reread...that's right.  She literally spit her gum down the front of my sister's dress - cleavage to be exact!  (Sorry MayMay) but I had to draw a mental pic. for everyone!  What are we going to do with that girl?  (That is another post).  Anyway.  Here are some pictures that captured that special day!  Enjoy.

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